Synopsis of

something radiates

​   In sultry Baton Rouge, Louisiana, telepathic dreamer and Zen student Sarah Stevens is awakened by a startling thunderstorm to find her front door standing wide open – a door she’s certain she bolted and locked. She and her teenage sons, Quincy and Daniel, fight the wind to close the door, then cower in the hallway while the storm churns around them and the front door keeps jerking, distinctly out of tempo with the gusts of wind. Then the boys find their father’s wristwatch in the house – the unmistakable watch he is never without.

     But their father, Dietrich Peters, dropped off the earth two years ago, after Sarah scooped up the boys and left him to escape fourteen years of abuse. For the past few weeks, Sarah has been dreaming of a white-haired man trying to warn her about something she can’t understand, something to do with Dietrich, she feels, because his sickening energy permeates the dream. Ever since they married on a mind-shattering acid trip, Dietrich has insisted he took Sarah to God and that she belongs to him forever. He has vowed repeatedly to never, ever – NEVER, EVER – let her go.

     Sarah now fears that Dietrich is back in town. When she returns home from a date with Johnny Trahan, a handsome carpenter she just met but is already falling for, Dietrich busts open her back door in a mad rage and stays out of sight while destroying her kitchen and hurling a lamp that shatters and slashes Quincy’s arm.  Sarah is shocked to the core.

     Dietrich’s intrusions grow increasingly threatening while at the same time Sarah’s psychic dreams intensify and grow dangerous.  Sarah’s life, her dreams, and her waking mind are under such continuous assault that she begins to doubt her own sanity.  Then things take a sharp turn toward the supernatural.  Sarah is forced to drop everything and set forth into a life-and-death conflict with Dietrich that crosses several state boundaries and numerous realms of reality, culminating in a frightening and psychedelic climax near the peak of the Continental Divide.