Here are the people who have pre-purchased SOMETHING RADIATES on the Indiegogo crowd funding site:


James Canup                          Ramona Brush                 Belinda Kock              Cliff Hall                    Jerome Petiprin

Candace & Leslie Smith          Betty Lakey                      Peggy Kelsey             Tomas Heikkala        Jim Jones

Michael & Mary Ann Ramey    Linda Myers                     Stephanie Blevins       Helen Marsh             Jerry Hutchens

Julie Benningfield (TWICE!)    Leah Huddleston              Dustin Smith               Phyllis Thompson      Rudy Knoop , Aaron Longnion (TWICE!)       Renee Ordeneaux            Heather Parsons        Frank McCarthy         Jean Bailey

Juanita Butler                          Jimi Neff                            Dr. Zen                       Sandy Fuller               Marva Mouser Jennifer Benge                        Susan Crabtree                 Nancy Butler              Rebecca Forbes        Andrea Dennison Donna Schubkegel                  Sarah Calvert                    J.D. Longnion             Tom Resta                Jeff Kaufman

Cara Fealy                               Russ Dibble                      Brandon Baunach       Sylvia Tepper            Jeannie Moren

Tony Bill Simmons                   Nancy Favour                   Jennifer Long              Jim Ellinger                Don Scofield

Bill Medaille                             Nancy O'Keefe                  Jeffrey Brunson           Patty Krueger            Carl Andersen

Mike Siciliano                          Susan Peake                     Lisa Stroyan                John Ramey              Clint Longnion

Barbara Ellison                        Shirley Berwick                  Pat Ray & Jean Nelson                                 Davida Rochman

Rivamist Gardner-Murfin         Quentin Keith                     Barbara Henson          Terry Peck                 Gary P. Jones

Jen Rankin                              Dan Grant                          Jennifer Meier              Anonymous (10)

And Super Thanks to Alan Holt, Joni Riley, and Jim Beneke (who each get the Special Designation of Groovy Giver, though all of you are special and groovy)              


Thanks also to Linda Myers for the lovely moonlit photo that I plan to use for the book cover, to the members of my two writing groups Laura, George, Kim, Mike, and Lori, to my editors Anita, David, and Cindy, to my writing teachers Roberta, Caroline, Nancy, Dennis, and Terry, to all my friends and relations who have read SOMETHING RADIATES in various drafts and continued to cheer me on, to my sons Aaron, JD, Ron, Jeremy, and Matt, to my extra adopted grown kids Sunny and Rhiannon, to my grandkids Miles and Sophia, and most especially to my husband, Doug Goebel, my muse, my helpmate, and my reason for existence. This book would not exist without the help of each and everyone one of you.


And especial thanks to my parents, Leslie and Patricia Smith, may they rest in peace, for encouraging my imagination and for always believing in me, always.